Toughened / Laminated Glass

If you are searching for toughened glass which has been specially manufactured to benefit your home or business, then our experts at Stevenage Glass can help you. We produce bespoke glass that has been treated and tempered so it can:

  • Withstand greater impacts
  • Ensure higher stress and temperature levels

From splashbacks to shop fronts, laminated and toughened glass have major benefits in terms of safety and standards which our professional team are dedicated to producing for both domestic and commercial applications.

Operating throughout Stevenage, St Albans and the surrounding areas, our trained technicians use our very own Mappi Toughening Plant and specialist equipment to cater to all your needs.

To learn more about how we can produce strengthened glass for you, then don’t hesitate to contact our professional team today – we are always happy to help with all questions.