Laminated Glass

As the premier suppliers of laminated glass across Stevenage and St Albans, Stevenage Glass has a wealth of experience from over half a century spent creating the highest quality glass solutions.

Laminated glass is particularly beneficial as a safety feature as it’s made with two pieces of glass layered together, creating a strong and durable material.

The main benefit to this double layered system is that the layer in the middle holds the shards in place if the glass does happen to get broken. This means it’s considerably safer for protection against accidents or intruders if the unthinkable does happen, and you won’t be left with dangerous shards of glass to contend with.

We use specialist equipment at our own Mappi Toughening Plant, ensuring our trained manufacturers are there every step of the way. As such, you can rest assured every care has been taken to create the highest quality laminated glass for your individual requirements.

To browse our collection of laminated glass in person, as well as our extensive range of glass services, visit our local showroom. Alternatively, contact one of our friendly advisers today, and they’ll be able recommend the best product for you.