Glass Balustrades

To keep up with modern interior design styles, glass balustrades are an excellent way of adding elegance and light to any home or business. At Stevenage Glass, we provide high quality glass balustrades for homes and businesses throughout Stevenage, St Albans and beyond, offering a prestigious option for a balcony, staircase or landing.

Our dedicated team can produce quality glass balustrades to fit with the exact specifications of your property, ensuring long-lasting style and functionality. When it comes to the design of the balustrade, we offer:

  • framed construction with either steel posts or wood
  • base shoe construction design to remove the need for posts and brackets

There are also a range of thicknesses and glass styles available, including patterned and tinted, as well as the option of choosing from different handrail designs to improve safety. Take a look at our informative brochure to find out the most important things to consider prior to purchasing, such as where balustrades can be fitted and how to look after them.

Simply contact our team today for further information or to request a callback. Alternatively, you can visit our well-stocked showroom to view examples of our work first-hand.

Glass in the home video

Watch our video to learn how you can use glass in your home